Why Should I Replace My Fixtures?

Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture FAQs

There are many advantages to replacing your old bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Maybe you’re looking to save money on energy costs or upgrade your current fixtures with new features. When replacing your fixtures, be sure to contact the prompt, reliable technicians at A & S Plumbing Inc.

WARRANTY: All new fixtures come with a minimum of a 1-year labor and materials warranty. Many products have a manufacturer’s warranty that extends beyond the first year including 3, 6, and 10 year warranties. Some may even have lifetime limited warranties.

REDUCE WATER USAGE: Many products today are designed to use less water yet perform the same, if not better than their previous counterparts. Therefore, you are saving money with a lesser water and sewer bill, while reducing your water consumption.

MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT: All new products, water heaters, boilers, appliances, etc. must meet minimum standards that are more energy efficient than yesteryears units. There are even hybrid products that are super efficient and can give you a payback based on your savings. It can reduce your utility bill and some units also have rebates available ( it puts money in your pocket ).

NEW LOOK ( COLOR AND FINISHES ): Updating with new fixtures can help increase the value of your home. It can also help in the resale of a home. Many fixtures styles and colors can date a home, bathroom, and kitchen ( for example harvest gold 1970s ). 

USER FRIENDLY OPTIONS: Many products today are designed to be more user-friendly, safety-minded and designed to address special needs ( pressure balance valves, comfort height toilets, etc. ).

SAVES ON LABOR COSTS: Often the time to replace a product can take the same or even less to repair a unit. Today the labor costs are usually the majority of the bill. Investing that labor cost into a new product with all of the above advantages seems to be a sensible move, especially if you already plan to replace the fixture in the foreseeable future.

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